As anyone who has been staying with the tech scene, chances are that you are aware of the awkward situation Huawei has found itself in for the past year. In a nutshell, the Chinese tech giant has been at the center of a highly-publicized controversy which resulted in it being banned by the US government from working with American businesses. As such, Huawei was essentially strong-armed into dropping its partnership with Google. It has since dropped Google, as well as its Android operating system and the entire suite of apps and services that come with it, from all its devices.

Now, however, an interesting development has occurred. In a revelation made by no other than Sameer Samat, the Vice President for Google Play and Android. In an interview with a German news outlet DPA, Samat has stated that Google has filed an application to the US government with the hope that it would be allowed to resume business with Huawei.

It is also worth noting that Microsoft made a similar effort late last year and successfully secured a license. Of course, there is no telling whether Google will be as lucky.